Thursday, November 7

Introducing: Lola

Introducing our newest little addition, Miss Lola. Everything went really well when we went to meet this little girl and as expected, as soon as they put her in Nicks arms and she licked his beard, he turned to mush. Lola is pretty unique, she is a Border Collie, King Charles Spaniel mix! Border Collies are very high energy, active dogs that need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, but King Charles Spaniels are the quintessential lap dog and are usually quiet and low energy. We have no idea where on this spectrum Lola will fall, but we were told her sire and dam were both very cuddly, calm dogs and she seems to conform to that.

At the moment, little Lola spends most of her time sleeping, chewing on a rubber bone, and running eagerly through the snow and burying her little nose all the way down to the ground. She snuffles around like a truffle snuffling pig. Haha.
I stayed home from work the last couple days and am back to working half days for the rest of the week. Little Lola does amazing in her crate over night, and I've been trying to keep her crated for her naps so she gets used to being in there during the day as well, It was still difficult walking out the front door today to go to work when she was whimpering! I'm sure she'll do great. I couldn't believe how good she was over night, so I know I originally underestimated her.

 In case you're wondering how Mr. Tommy is feeling about all this, I can assure you -- he's doing just fine. There was definitely some hissing, and some territorial puking (yep. He has a history of puking when his routine is disrupted, so don't worry too much) and he still doesn't want to cuddle with us yet (he wasn't very happy the first day when he came for his morning cuddle and discovered my face smelt like doggie kisses), but there's been no puking today, and this morning he walked right up next to Lola and I and sniffed  her without hissing or swatting. I was insanely proud. It'll be a really good feeling once things normalize around here a bit, but for now we're trying to give Tommy as much attention as he'll let us, and play with him a lot so he knows we aren't replacing the cat tree with a dog perch. ;)
We had a bunch of friends over Tuesday to socialize Lola and she slept through the whole thing. Tommy though was happy to be center of attention as always.
So that's my big news! I might be a bad blogger for a bit and post a little less frequently. Girly wants lots of attention and won't let me stand still for long enough to take a picture. I can't wait till she's fully vaccinated and we can go for walks and visit dog parks.

Accepting all dog parenting advice! Feel free to share your puppy stories and tips in the comments. :)

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