Tuesday, November 19

Halloween: The Eats

The Eats! I knew you were patiently waiting for me to spill the beans (HAHA, I MADE CHILI GUYS) so here you are.

For the main meal I made a sweet and spicy white bean chili using this recipe, and basically copied the attached meal plan by having my guests assemble their own gourmet grilled cheese. We bought delicious sour dough bread, apricot preserves, and brie cheese, and Nick insisted on some super thick bacon. The end result? Deliciousness. I don't know why I have no pics of the grilled cheeses 'cause they were the stars.

For dessert I did a very silly thing. I used two boxes of chocolate cake mix, hollowed out six mini pumpkins, and baked them in the oven. They turned out delicious, with the chocolate cake rising out of the pumpkins like a souffle, but no one could finish an entire pumpkin of cake (nor should they have, haha) and I learned my lesson. Just 'cause it looks adorable on pinterest for each person to have a mini pumpkin full of cake greet them at the table, does not mean each person can devour an entire mini pumpkin full of cake. It was delicious though. Serious.

For drinks I, again, got pinterest clever. We ran around looking for oral syringes (the kind you use to give medicine to babies) and found some for five cents each at Safeway. We also picked up some grenadine and ginger ale/seven up.

To prepare this grisly looking Shirley Temple was simple. Just fill your syringe with grenadine and plop it in a glass full of ice and clear soda.

I'm pretty sure I loved this more than any one else, haha, but it looked awesome, was thematic, and I have loved Shirley Temples since I was a kid. Although not traditionally with the added vodka. ;p

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