Monday, November 18

Halloween: Decor and Fun

This is a bit belated, but  I'm excited to share some of our Halloween happenings! Every year for Halloween we would abandon ship (due to the sad facts of living in an apartment on Halloween) and go to our parents house, a house party or some such place but this year we were incredibly excited to stay home and answer the door all night. We were also tickled pink to have some lovely friends join us for dinner and some scary movies! Our new neighborhood has quite a few families so we were expecting a lot of kids!

To welcome these kids I put out a few pumpkins, didn't have time to do anything fancy so I bought a few small pumpkins I considered interesting enough on their own (that green one I think is awesome!) and took a sharpie to the larger pumpkin as a centerpiece. It took literally two minutes and I was pleased as punch.

I also had some haunted portraits I hung in our big picture window for the spook factor, and after some fiddeling, figured out how to take our outside light off of motion sensing mode and stay on. ;)

Inside I had some fun as well. Here's a few picks of the Halloween fun in my kitchen, first off, cute Tommy watching me cook from his approved cat perch on top of the fridge.
Tardis Cookie Jar Comic Shop
Bear Bottle Opener Mod Cloth
Cat food tin Superstore, Tea pot, toaster, colander, baking dishes all Home Outfitters, Tagine gift, wire basket Winners, Decorative Mugs Anthropologie
Witness the premier of our new kitchen shelves! haha. Our plan for this wall has finally come to fruition, what was once designated as an 'eat in kitchen' space is no more, and now storage abounds. This DIY was super easy, my parents had the wood boards cut the right length and then my dad mounted them to brackets, each one secured in a stud to make them extra sturdy! I've been having a lot of fun trying to figure out what to store up here, I was super happy to have a place for my tiny tagine collection and the Tardis cookie jar is in its rightful place of honor.

I digress!

I know, the wall  mounted bottle opener isn't exactly Halloweeny, but it's my favorite part of the kitchen. ;p

In the dining room I left the main lights off to give the party some ambiance, and added a bunch of battery operated candles! The buffet became a drink station and I wrote some celebratory Halloween messages on the chalk board wall. ;)

Place mats from Pier One, Overhead Light from Parks lighting, Lamp Urban Barn

Candles Home Outfitters, Buffet thrifted, glassess are all from Home Outfitters, lamp and 'EAT' letters from Urban Barn
Not really a part of the decor, but here's a peak at our friends and their delightful costumes. ;p

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