Wednesday, November 20

Christmas List 2013

Well, November is waning and OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. I can hardly believe we're marching into December already. Of course when I glance outside it becomes strikingly real (hello minus thirty degrees...).

This month has been flying by, and our lives really have changed a great deal with the arrival of little Lola! I have to say, she has been challenging us, and making us proud around every turn, and we are so happy that her presence has given us the opportunity to connect with new and old friends on a new and fun level.

Usually I'm right on top of sharing my Christmas wishlist (you can see past years here, here and here) but this year I've been receiving requests from family to get on that and share. Well here it is folks, I've gone through my Etsy favorite pages and picked a few of my favorite items I'm dying to own.

Find the Etsy Treasury here.

1. Firstly, now that I have a place to display some cute mugs I'm really wanting this Han and Leia Mug Set from Mugoos. Nick doesn't drink coffee or tea, but I can see us sipping hot chocolate while cozied up in the living room.
2. I think this night light is one of the cutest things around. It reminds me of us two taking turns waking up with the alarm to take Lola outside. Does that make sense? When it's Nicks turn I just wanna hug him and tell him I love him but I can't 'cause I'm taking advantage of the warm cozy extra five minutes in bed, so this night light could tell him for me. HAHA.
3. I tend to use my phone or our Nexus 7 tablet to find recipes and I would love love love a cute stand to sit the tablet, or a regular cook book, in an ergonomic position on my counter. PLUS in this cute colour it would be pretty enough to display in our kitchen at all times!
4. This sofa arm table just makes sense, am I right (it can also be used on your lap when you wanna eat in the living room)?
5. I think this cute pillow cover would look awesome with my rug.
6. I've been eying these twin pillow covers for our bedroom for awhile. I think they'll look adorable on our bed, and this is literally what Nick and I say to each other all the time.
7. This banner is adorable and I'm obsessed with textile wall hangings.
8. I really really love himmeli and this one in particular is what sparked my cravings. I think it would look so dynamic and chic in our living room.
9. Adorable Doctor Who quote? Mustard colour? Perfect.
10. These hanging planters have been on my wishlist for awhile.
11. A box for lugging around pies? So Pushing Daisies! I think this may come in handy.
12. Pretty necklace, and 13. Another. 
14.Love love love these charm wrap and friendship bracelets from FeltLikePaper.
15. Have always wanted a head scarf like this.
And last but not least, 15. the perfect everyday bag.

WHEW. That was a lot of stuff. But adorable no?

What do you want for Christmas?

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