Thursday, November 28

A Beautiful Mess Photo App

 So you may be aware from previous posts that I have a few blogging idols and of course that includes the wonderful Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. This past summer (I believe) they came out with a pretty cool photo editing app that comes with some awesome hand drawn doodles, text and frames and as of yesterday the app is available for android on Google Play! Not only that, but their new release adds the super cool collage feature. I absolutely adore the very neat layouts they've created for collaging images which include geometric shapes like the above triangle collage. How cool is that?

One thing I found is that the app can be a little laggy, especially when applying filters to the images. I tend to have to click on the desired filter, and then wait a few seconds for it to apply. This got a little annoying at first when I couldn't tell if I had clicked on the right thing, proceeded to click a thousand times, had to wait while it applied and unapplied the filter a thousand times. I'm just not very patient. The other thing I noticed was there are only a few filters available. These negatives are completely moot if you import an image that doesn't require a filter (or has already been edited colour wise) and you just want to use the collage, doodle, or phrase features. These are really the highlight of the app and applying these to the photo is super quick and easy. Its also really easy to drag the doodles around and place them just how you want. Love it.

I know some people will probably complain that the app is paid, and to have access to all of the frames and doodles you have to pay extra, but the cost is incredibly minor and, having an idea of what goes into the creation of an app, I don't begrudge them some money for the effort! What they've created is truly worth the cost of a couple dollars. Really, less than a latte at Starbucks! I don't mind at all paying for the extra doodle and font packages.

Anyway, I've been playing and fiddling with the app since last night and I wanted to show you the pretties I've made! Haha. The first pic in this post I published on Instagram and ELSIE LIKED IT. Seriously, this made my day. I got kinda star struck and all she did was click 'heart' on the pic. Idol worship much?
After playing with my own picks for awhile I used the collage and doodle features to make a few cute collages using my engagement photos! I've been waiting for Genevieves permission to post the full photos on my wedding blog (we had the verbal OK before, but I just want to be safe before they go live in case she wants to submit them elsewhere) but I don't see any harm in sharing these little teasers?
Genevieve Renee Photographie
Genevieve Renee Photographie

Genevieve Renee Photographie

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