Wednesday, October 30

Perfectly Plaid: Two Different Ways to Style a Plaid Dress

I styled this dress two slightly different ways while trying to decide on outfits for our engagement photos.

In the first outfit I added a sparkly striped cardigan from Shop Ruche to make the dress look a little more romantic and girly. This cardigan has the cutest lace collar and one of our wedding colours will be gold -- so I liked the combination! Plus, any time I can mix fun patterns like tartan and stripes I'm a happy girl.

I think what makes these two patterns so compatible here is that the stripes are very wide and bold, and the tartan is a smaller print. If the stripes were thinner and more bountiful, I think the outfit could have been too busy.

Plaid dress from ASOS, boots from Amazon, Cardigan Shop Ruche, necklace Urban Outfitters
To change things up a little and experiment with another look, I switched out the girly cardigan for a more edgy two tone leather jacket. The military green goes well with the tartan, and the style of the jacket changes the look from girly and romantic to edgy and a little punk.

Jacket from Winners, Boots from Amazon, Plaid Dress from ASOS, necklace from Urban Outfitters

If you want to create a similar look, here's a place to start:
Fall Outfit

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