Tuesday, October 29

My Hair Routine

My hair care routine changes periodically, as in, every time I run out of something and have to run to the store. I've tried a lot of different products, some specifically for curly hair, but that's not always the case. One tip I learned early on was that us curly girls don't have to be restricted to curly hair products, generally any product meant for dry hair types will serve our curly hair just as well.

Another rule I learned a couple years ago was sulfate free. Sulfates strip our hair of natural oils which can make it drier and more brittle, not good for curly girls (or men prone to balding. Just saying). When I first made the sulfate free switch there weren't a lot of products to choose from at the drugstore. I special ordered the Devacurl products for awhile (they are amazing, and I highly recommend), but they're very hard to come by where I'm live. Soon sulfate free hair care systems started popping up in drugstores on every street corner, and I couldn't be more pleased. My favorite (I don't trust just any product that claims to be sulfate free) has been Burt's Bee's and Say Yes to Carrots.

Speaking of Say Yes to Carrots, I bought two each of their shampoo and conditioner on sale one time and am still finishing off the last bottle of shampoo (they're massive, and I tend to use a lot more conditioner). I love the way this stuff smells, it lathers well and it always makes my hair feel pretty clean! Full disclosure, I do find I need to use a stripper once every couple of months to return the volume to my hair, as this gentle sulfate free formula doesn't remove product buildup sufficiently on it's own and my hair can become a bit limp after awhile.

I cannot tell you enough good things about the L'Oreal EverCreme line of products. The first time I used their product was a year or so ago when I bought the cleansing conditioner. It's basically a two in one product, but instead of it being a conditioning shampoo, it's a cleansing conditioner. This means that your hair is getting lots of moisture, isn't being stripped, and will still feel clean afterwards. I loved this product and was kinda obsessed with the way it smelled (kind of metallic and tangy). I would definitely use it again! Because I was such a fan, I purchased the regular conditioner and the conditioning mask as well. I've only been using the conditioner a few weeks and I love it, it does a great job and my hair feels awesome. My curls are softer and more defined and I'm giving this product the credit since it's the only new addition to the routine.

The only time I brush my hair is in the shower right after adding conditioner. Curls do not like brushes, but curls can also be tangly. Brushing curls can normally lead to breakage, and brushing when hair is wet can also do more harm then good, but I'm always very gentle when detangling my hair and this conditioner makes it very easy.
Hair Care

As for styling, the first time I visited my new hair salon I complained I had run out of leave in conditioner (a must for me) and I was having a hard time finding a sulfate free product in drug stores. My stylist hooked me up with the Pureology smoothing cream which she said marketed itself as a smoothing cream, but was incredibly moisturizing. Plus, she warned, you only need a small amount at a time. All my life I have had to pile on the leave in treatment and I run through it very quickly, but not so with this product. I use about a dime sized portion, rub it on my hands and then through my hair, do some scrunching and let me tell you, it works like a charm and I'm only about three quarters of the way through the tube after a good six months! When my hair is more dry, I use a little more at a time. I love this product and definitely will purchase it again.

While my hair is very damp and has leave in conditioner in it, I will do some scrunching, and some twisting of the strands around my face. The hair at the nape of my neck tends to be weighed down from the hair above it and go straight, so I might also twist that portion. After I have sculpted my curls a little, I add a generous amount of mousse. I originally purchased the entire line of Oil of Morocco Mark Anthony products, but am only using the mousse at the moment. I found that despite the 'oil of Morocco' claim, the shampoo and conditioner made my hair brittle and dry. I have no complaints however, in regards to the mousse. It's a rare thing to find a sulfate free mousse, and this one doesn't make my hair stiff or wet looking. I turn my head upside down and scrunch in a fist full of mousse and then air dry. If I'm in a hurry, I might use my diffuser on the bottom portion of my hair, close to the nape of my neck, since I mentioned that area will go flat.
And that's all I do! It's great to almost literally be able to 'wash and go'. Sometimes I might braid my hair, in which case I don't add the mousse. After two days of being in braids (that's how long it takes to dry!) I can take them out and have fun crimpy hair.

The yoga ties (as I call them, but google thinks I'm crazy) I use every night to pineapple my hair before bed. I also tend to wear one on my wrist on a daily basis, just in case I get attacked by frizz or just want to put my hair up. You've seen me wear them as bracelets before. Haha, this is mostly forgetfulness and not a fashion statement. ;) They are literally the only hair ties I have tried that don't leave a crease in my hair. I get mine through Mane Message. 

I shared about my favorite beauty products a few months ago, here.

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