Tuesday, September 17

With the Leaves of Fall


Well, it seems I'm contractually obligated to remind you that it is now fall.  The kiddo's have gone back to school, we've all had our fill of the pumpkin spice latte (I do not know how anyone can drink that thing with the full amount of sweetness they use, I can barely stand it half sweet. Anyone else?), and yes, the leaves are beginning to change colour.

This is a bitter sweet season for me.

In Edmonton our winters are long. Like, really damn long. Not only that, they're damn cold and occasionally there are blizzards, power outages, terrible no good driving conditions, and going from home to work to home becomes a danger fraught battle with the elements.  I really don't like winter. Fall reminds me that winter is coming.

Despite that cool touch of the inevitable, there are so many things to love about fall. Being able to dress in layers again after three sweltering months of only light sundresses. Breaking out the plaid at the back of my wardrobe. Knee socks. Riding boots. Cozy sweaters and circle scarves and flannel. Break out the flannel sheets. I purchased a bunch of cozy socks in the Spring I haven't been able to wear yet.

I'm excited for pumpkin pies and apple pies and apple cider and mulled wine. I can't wait to cook another turkey (last year was my first, and it was a blast!).

Every morning right now is chilly and misty and the air smells amazing. I love that smell. We never really got to enjoy the smell of fall mornings while we lived in the apartment. Not really any trees or much grass in the concrete jungle. This fall I'm smelling memories and I'm inhaling deeply.

As far as my usual fall spending spree, I'm feeling awfully broke at the moment (having indulged in some pricey electronics purchases these last couple weeks) and so I'm trying to stay out of the shops. That hasn't stopped me from picking up a few fall gems. The dress in the picture above is one I snatched up as soon as I saw it under "new items" on ASOS. I've actually been looking to buy a plaid skirt or dress for ages. I also have my eye on this dress, but it will have to wait until my next paycheck.

Next on my list, a new bag and a new pair of riding boots. Fall, here I come!

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