Thursday, September 5

The River

For Labour Day this year we enjoyed one of the most beautiful, sunny and warm Mondays I can recall at our favorite swimming spot -- Pembina River National Park. Being in land-locked Alberta we don't have many good swimming holes. Most of the lakes are full of algae and home to ducks and other creatures. I've had swimmers itch much more often then any one person should.

Pembina river is a fast moving river with rapids and a rocky shore -- but it's always clear and beautiful and cold. You can see the rocks at the bottom, and that's a serious compliment. Not the best for actual swimming given the current, but perfect for floating short distances with your face upturned to the blue sky. It's been a couple years since I made it here (I blogged about our last trip here, the second weekend of Septmeber 2011).

 And there's me. All blurry, but gloriously wet and swimmed out.

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