Friday, September 6

The Pencil Skirt of my Dreams

I look kinda like a superhero in that pic. Cool eh?

I had perfect light shooting these photos, the sun was juuust getting low in the sky and I wanted to switch things up and show you a slightly different angle of the backyard so I decided to shoot with the sun at my back. Good decision. I'm kinda a fanatic when it comes to light flares.

This skirt is one I picked up on sale in Seattle at Anthropologie. I just couldn't help myself. Embroidery is a weakness. I love all the different colours going on in the skirt, it can go with so much! The fabric of the skirt itself feels like linen and it holds it's shape like a dream. I really feel lovely in it (and that's what matters most my friends)!

The blouse was also a sale purchase last summer from Modcloth. I prefer to wear shear blouses with a black bra, and one with slightly more coverage than this, but my favorite black bra was taking an unplanned vacation behind the dresser. Back in the drawer where it belongs now.

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one, we're helping Nicks family move houses, have a party to go to, and ... that's it. But it's gonna be busy I swear.

In other exciting news, Nick and I bought a tablet yesterday! A nexus 7 that we intend to 'share' as our 'home tablet'. Haha, wish us luck with that. If sharing electronics isn't a relationship test I don't know what is. I also finally snapped and bought the nexus 4 phone (ya, we're android people). My HTC Sensation has been doing a lot of weird stuff lately like closing internet windows while I'm using them, and taking forever to dial a phone number. I was getting really upset with it, and google recently lowered the price of the Nexus by $100! Snatched that baby up. I can't wait for it to arrive sometime next week!

Have a great weekend my friends.
Obligatory ring shot. Sorry.
Anthropologie skirt, Modcloth blouse, Shoe warehouse flats

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