Wednesday, September 4

Pops of Summer

I've heard a lot from my fellow Canadians about how disappointed they are in the new Target Canada stores. Turns out some people were expecting the huge array of stock at dirt prices you can find in the States. Rude awakening. Yes, it's true, the prices are very similar to Zellers prices and many of the old brands you could find in Zellers are also now carried by Target (such as Mossimo). However, there are many many gems and golden nuggets to be found in the Canadian counterpart of the huge American chain.

Take, for example, this dress. It's flattering, the weight of the fabric is medium to heavy and holds its shape without wrinkling, and despite being mostly white, it's completely opaque. To top it off, I spent around twenty dollars on it.

That's pretty awesome if you ask me.
I wear this dress a lot for work, it's the perfect day piece when temperatures are flaring but I still want to look professional. I paired it here with a pair of bright fuscia loafers from GAP, an equally bright yellow belt from JCrew, and my new Everlane reverse denim tote.

I'm beginning to occasionally feel like a walking Everlane advertisement with my various favorite Everlane pieces and constantly espousing things like "softest most flattering french terry sweater", and "most versatile backpack".

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