Tuesday, September 10

For a PhotoShoot

Pretty much all I can think about right now is our engagement photo shoot. I'm one of those girls who's been doing 'photo shoots' with friends since Junior High. Getting all gussied up and posing my little heart out. See evidence here, and here.This will be my first time working with a professional photographer and I could not be more excited. Not only will this give us a chance to get to know our wedding photographer, but we'll also have beautiful, casual portraits for forevers! I'm stoked.

The first question was where should we do the shoot. Since our photographer is in Calgary and we're in Edmonton, I thought it would be fun and meaningful to meet her halfway and do the shoot at our family cabin. We've scheduled it for the first weekend in October, and I'm really hoping there are some leaves left on the trees!

The next question, naturally, became what should I wear? Haha. I want to wear jewel tones to compliment the fall colours without fading into them or trying to match them, and I want to wear something new! I ordered this little polka dot dress from Ruche, and I think it will be perfect. If you've been following long, you'll remember I'm all about the polka dots.
Enagement Photoshoot Outfit

I also purchased a sweet little leather belt to compliment the dress, and I might also use this as an excuse to buy some new riding boots!

It's often recommended that you bring a couple of outfit changes on an engagement shoot to provide some variety. I'm thinking my vintage floral dress that I wore in these pics would look nice, and maybe a skirt/silk blouse combo.

For inspiration I'm thinking heirloom quilts, roasting marshmallows while Nick plays guitar, drifting in a canoe, and laying down in some long grass! I'm sure they'll turn out beautifully.

What did/would you wear for an engagement shoot? 

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