Wednesday, September 11

August in Review

 August was a really, really good month.

All moved in and settled in our new place, I feel like in August we finally got the chance to enjoy summer and do some of the things we love to do!

I went light shopping with mum and we outfitted the entire house with new lighting! Could not be more excited for this. Hopefully they arrive soon so we can install them! Tried on some more dresses and shared this tiny sneak peak. Not sure if this is the one yet, I'm still stuck on a beautiful dress from Vancouver I won't be able to try on until October. Stay tuned.

Determined to learn how to make paper flowers, this awesome book arrived in the mail and I began my first project! Can I say most dangerous hobby ever? I have been burning my fingers like crazy. In the book they almost entirely use floral tape, but in the video tutorials I'm using they use hot glue. I think I need to go shopping for floral tape stat.

I need to talk to you about The Rock wood fired pizza and spirits. There aren't exactly a wealth of awesome restaurants to choose from on the north side, and we can no longer zip downtown for good food, SO, we were pretty happy when this placed opened. Impressed with the amazing pizza crust, plus amazing service and good atmosphere, not as impressed with the sinking feeling in my stomach afterwards having just consumed my entire weeks worth of carbs and calories.

Tommy has been both adorably sweet and ridiculously insane these last few months. So, more of the same. ;)

For Nicks birthday we were finally able to take a trip to the Cabin and enjoy nature a bit. So special. We also got to Pembina River, a favorite swimming hole. These two trips really made our summer feel more fulfilling and complete!

And last but not least, we finally made it to the St. Albert farmers market. It's really the biggest farmers market I've ever seen and on this particular occasion we ran out of money and decided to leave only half way through! Haha. I love ever second of being outside in the heat at a farmers market, nursing a fresh squeezed lemon aid and stopping to take pics of mounds of brightly coloured produce!

I can hardly believe we're already over a week into September. Time is flying by. We have a lot to look forward to this year, and after this weekend (which promises to be full of moving friends and family) we plan to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather we have left. 

I leave you with a pic from our first successful house party. Our friends graciously inundated us with hamburgers, chips, pop, and beer. Thank you everyone who helped celebrate Nicks birthday and our new home! It's weird seeing Tommy pop up on other peoples facebook pages, haha, but some of our friends also snapped  him sitting in a box full of potato chip bags! Little bugger.

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