Tuesday, August 13

Wedding Planning (11 Months)

Some color and attire inspiration. I'm gravitating towards grey, rose gold, and sage green. The green tags in the center are plantable paper and I'm looking at using them for favors!
You may recall I created a separate blog in which to post about wedding planning. I didn't want to bore you, you see, with all of those little details that I was too excited about not to share! Of course, what's ended up happening is that this blog has become the moving homes blog because the only two things happening in my life right now are wedding planning and moving homes. Plus, I lost my camera remote again. *sigh*

Anyway, I figured you might not be opposed to a sort of wedding planning round up complete with to do list.

Let me know if I was wrong to assume. ;)

Now, when I said yes to Nicks proposal in June I kinda figured I had this wedding down. Like, come on, I've been pinning this shit for years. Of course once one actually begins planning and booking and shopping, one changes ones opinion on certain elements, simplifies things, complicates things. So far, the biggest surprise has been the cost of photography. I originally budgeted around four thousand for photography and videography, well, now that we've booked a photographer I can tell you we won't be having a videographer. ;)

Without more rambling, here's a list of things we've done so far, and intend to do in the near future:
  • Book a venue   We booked the Yellowhead Brewery
  • Pick a date July 13th 2014 here we come (we chose a Sunday for a few reasons and think it's gonna be rad)!
  • Book a photographer We went with Calgary photographer Genevieve Renee and we couldn't be more excited to work with her. We just really clicked with her on a personal level and her packages were the most complete. Perk? The package we chose comes with thank you cards. One thing I don't need to worry about!
  • Investigate catering options Our venue has a baker on staff to help us with our dessert only menu! Score for easy!
  • Book an officiant  Nick's Aunt has applied for permission to marry us! She's a united church minister and an absolutely adorable and funny lady!
  • Decide on a ceremony venue - We still have to think about this. We've booked the Yellowhead, deposit paid, and that gives us the whole day at the venue so we definitely have that to fall back on in case of inclement weather, but we're very much considering having the ceremony outside somewhere.
  • Design and Print Save the Dates I designed the save the dates myself, and had them printed as business cards through Moo. Very happy with them! Mailing them out is a bit trickier tho... We've mostly just been handing them out as we see people!
  •  Start wedding dress shopping  Oh I've started all right. I've tried on maybe ten dresses now and I feel like I'm certainly getting a feel for what I want to look like on the day, and what things I'm really looking for in a dress. Trust me, however, to fall in love with a dress I saw on Etsy and be unable to get it out of my mind. If I don't find anything I love just as much by October, I'm going to be ordering a sample gown from the designer and having it shipped here to try on! A bit of an ordeal but possibly worth it? Haha. 
  • Create a wedding registry  Done and done. 
  • Choose a honeymoon destination Nick's generous grandparents are going to fly us out to PEI for our honeymoon, and Nicks parents are going to put us up in an ocean side cabin! I couldn't be more excited for this part. So much so I keep thinking, can we get this wedding over with so I can go SWIMMING? The best part? From PEI you can take a ferry to a French island. SO WE'RE ALSO GOING TO FRANCE. ;p
  • Shop for grooms and groomsmen attire 
  • Shop for bridesmaids attire - My sister is my maid of honor and she has already purchased her dress, so we definitely have a head start on this one!
  •  Purchase guest book 
  • Craft a crap ton of paper flowers -- this is perhaps my craziest wedding related goal. Haha, I may have decided to craft all of my wedding flowers out of paper. This includes a paper flower ceremony backdrop to be used for a photobooth backdrop later, paper flower garlands to be hung from the ceiling and walls, paper flower bouquets, and paper flower table decor. I am starting a paper flower online class at the end of the month, and I purchased the book Paper to Petal. We'll see if I end up being insane or brilliant ...
  • Hire a decorator to set things up and take down this service is provided by our venue for a reasonable extra cost! So handy! 
  • Choose our rings 
  • Choose gifts for parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids.  -- I have lots of ideas on this one! 
  • Design and print invitations, or decide on an E-vite. -- Originally I had my heart set on no fuss e-vites but was disappointed to learn that paperless post doesn't ship to Canada, so if I want to send paper versions to older relatives, I'm a bit screwed. Lets hope Grandma has internet access I guess. 
  • Write our vows
That's the short of it. There's a lot more to do, and a lot more decisions to make, but I think these are all the big ones. I'm still doing a lot of waffling on decor choices, but luckily we have a lot of time to make those final decisions. The most important thing to both of us is that it's easy and stress free as possible. We really want to enjoy the day, and feel like every penny we spent was worth it. We don't want to spend time or money on frivolous things that aren't going to add to the experience (ring pillows, I'm looking at you).  I love the idea of paper flowers because they can be kept and will last forever, and I'm thinking broaches instead of boutonnieres (like the broach in the top left of my first collage) because they too can be loved and worn for forever! Things that last, and details that are fun and whimsical will hopefully make the day everything I'm hoping for.

Wow, that was mushy and gross.
Bridesmaid inspiration. The BHLDN dress on the left is the one my sister chose for herself!

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