Tuesday, August 6

June and July 2013


These last two months have been the craziest, most insane months of my life. 

In June, Nick proposed on our anniversary trip to Seattle. 

My parents picked us up from the airport and asked if we wanted to stop and see one of their rental units which was currently vacant.  We immediately underwent the huge decision making process and decided that we would be moving out of our sweet little apartment for August 1st.

Two weeks later I finally received my engagement ring. 

We started interviewing wedding photographers and visiting venues. 

We dropped cash on reserving wedding venues and photographers. 

We totally spaced on the whole packing up our apartment thing. 

We painted and painted and painted and painted at the new house. 

We moved during the busiest weekend of all time, during K-days and Taste of Edmonton and while Nicks Grandma was in town. Worst timing ever. But we got it done with the help of amazing family and friends.
July & the first week of August
So far August has been not a lot quieter. We've been unpacking and sorting and organizing and visiting with Nicks Grandma, and Heritage days. I videoed a wedding, and we've been hosting parties and seeing friends. It's been good, but it's been expensive and it's been tiring.

Here's hoping for some us time. Some me time. Some time spent walking our new neighborhood and hopefully out at the cabin and pembina river, soaking in the last of summers rays and finally putting my bathing suit on for the first time this summer.

Some time spent saving money and counting pennies and hopefully loving it because of what it means. This time next year we'll be newly weds. It's gonna be a crazy 11 months.

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