Thursday, August 1

Accent Colour

The accent colour I originally chose for the new house was a bright orange. After careful consideration however, I just didn't think orange jived with my personality or the vibe I wanted for the house. I debated not painting an accent wall at all, and leaving them all white. Nick was not a fan of that idea. He insisted we paint one wall a colour, since he wasn't sure if he could deal with all white all the time. He probably should have given me some suggestions though, since I ultimately decided to paint our accent wall mustard. Nick was not a fan of mustard at the time.

I'm happy to report now that we've moved in and started adding some subtle mustard accents throughout the house, Nicks done a 180 and is loving the pop of colour. I think the trick was going with a darker shade of mustard so that it doesn't read as too yellow, which can be grating.

Here's a peak at our mustard wall:

I'm currently looking at pulling that colour throughout the house in subtle ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • A colourful shelf
  • a bright painting
  • some matching t-towels that would really upgrade my kitchen (all my kitchen towels are different!)
  • cute mustard striped planters 
  • coordinating fridge magnets
  • throw cusions for the sofa
  • and a pretty hand made vase.
And my favorite mustard piece so far:
Star Trek salt and pepper shakers from Modcloth.
Definitely has to be Kirk's uniform. It really pops since my china cabinet is against my black chalkboard wall, just around the corner from the mustard wall!

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