Tuesday, July 30

The Move.

We started the move on Friday, and it was brutal.

Mistake #1: We hadn't done all the packing before hand.
Mistake #2: We hadn't bothered to aquire enough boxes.
Mistake #3: We only booked the moving van till 3pm.

Needless to say, I would do things differently. Like buy a crap ton of rough totes and sort through things before hand. Do a bunch of goodwill trips. Clean a bit.

The whole thing ended up taking four days (with Saturday and Sunday being a bit of a wash due to the fact Nick was playing a gig with his band at 2, 4 and 6 both days) and I was forced to take Monday off from work to finish things up.

We were so blessed with amazing helpers. Nicks parents especially stepped up and made miracles happen. Nicks mum took Monday off to help clean (read, do almost all the cleaning. Lady is a rockstar), and his Dad took endless car loads back to the house since his SUV was basically the only large-ish vehicle we had access to. We couldn't have done it without them.

Poor Tommy had a rough couple days, Friday he stayed at Nicks parents house and wasn't thrilled about being there all day. He thought he had overstayed his welcome, and was hoping to go home now thankyouverymuch. Then we surprised him by taking him to a completely different house he had never been to before that mysteriously had all of his things in it. Why is my cat tree here? He asked with his big round eyes, and will you bring it home now please?

After being very confused and nervous for a couple of days ("there's a magnetic door keeping me from my litterbox, whenever I am forced to exit the closet through the door it bangs for several minutes in a deep and disconcerting voice. I'm quite perturbed."), I'm happy to report he's now settling in quite well. We've never really let him sleep with us before, but on the first day we were feeling so bad for him we left the bedroom door open. Suddenly he's turned into this perfect night sleeper who lays on the end of the bed and doesn't make a sound till morning. I kinda love having him in bed with us too. As long as he doesn't interfere with my sleep he'll be allowed to stay. ;)

Yesterday he saw a bunch of moths for the first time. They were hanging out on the outside of our living room window and Tommy was determined to destroy them. I think he's going to love living in this house with all it's big windows, and the greenery outside attracting all kinds of critters.

I'm not sure if it's the white walls, the extra space, or damp grass outside my front door, but every time I come home to the new house I feel like I'm on vacation. Out at the lake or the cabin. I hope it never looses that Serenity. I suspect there will be challenges (like getting used to doing yard work, and not having a garage in the winter), but I think we're going to be quite happy here.
Some moving snaps, and sneak peaks of how the decor is shaping up. The dining room is my favorite so far.

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