Monday, July 15

Seattle Aquarium

 As I mentioned before, I only took my DSLR with me on two occasions while we were in Seattle. It seems that unconsciously I only decided to take pics of the touristy things! Haha, one of the first attractions we took in was the Seattle Aquarium. It was packed with kids, PACKED, with screaming children, but we did have a lot of fun. I mostly enjoyed fiddling with the manual settings on my camera!  I stood by the otter pool for what must have seemed like hours to poor Nick, determined to get a usable picture of those little cuties through the glass! You can be the judge as to if I succeeded. ;)
This was the best pic I could get of the river otters! Man were they cute, and rambunctious! It's not even a very good pic, but as you can see, they were snuggling!

 Still to come, our pictures from the Experience Music Project! 

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