Wednesday, July 3

Photos in the Park

 Before we left for Seattle we spent some time on a blustery, rainy day playing music in Hawrelak park. Haha. It's a rather long story. Nick is a bass player in a band and they have regular band practices, sometimes they like to practice in a park (when the weather is nice). On this occasion the weather had been nice so Nick and I showed up in the park and were hanging out, but shortly before the other band members arrived it began to rain. SO, we didn't actually get to have band practice in the park, but I did get some awesome pictures. ;p

 You've heard me mention that I'm learning to use manual mode on my camera. This has been a goal for me for a long time and I'm finally starting to understand the concepts! This day was the first day I really saw the difference between shooting in auto and shooting in manual. I found it really inspiring! Check out my comparison below: 
 The colors are much better, more saturated, and the bokeh! The bokeh is fabulous. What have I been doing shooting in auto all these years?

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