Monday, July 22

New Home: Progress

We have put so much time and work into the new house at this point, it's kind of mind numbing to think we'll be moving in less then a week.

My parents deserve extra special mention since they have worked the hardest and insisted on paying for most of the upgrades. This past weekend we finished painting (finally, it's a lot of work to paint an entire house!), ripped up the mismatched lino in the bedroom, took down the backsplash in the kitchen, and painted all of our cabinets! Last week my parents installed the new bathroom vanity from Lowes (it's beautiful, it has two drawers and a granite top), and matched the carpet from the other two bedrooms to replace that bedroom lino. We also purchased two base cabinets for extra kitchen storage, and picked up Rustoleum stainless steel paint to update the cheap kitchen counter.
We used Cloverdale Paints, and they don't seem to have the exact colours we chose on their website. This pallet is an approximation only. I do have the code for the putty we chose, CA073.
This was the first time I got to pick paint colours for an entire house! I've painted my bedroom at my parents house before, but I've never had the opportunity to outfit an entire house with colours of my choosing. It was super fun and exciting! I chose to stick mostly within the same pallet to make sure everything coordinated. We painted most rooms a light gray/white, the bathroom and the man cave are painted the same shade of putty/gray, and Nick insisted on painting one of the walls in the man cave a slightly darker shade of taupe/gray. Painting the bathroom a different color was the perfect decision, it's such a treat walking into that little room and the shade of gray perfectly matches the granite vanity top!

For feature walls we decided to break up the white with a black chalkboard in the dining room (we also had leftover chalkboard paint so we did the pantry doors!), and a bright happy mustard wall in the kitchen. Every time I round that corner into the kitchen I break into a huge smile, it's absolutely gorgeous contrast!

This week we have a butcher block counter to build for those two base cabinets (we're going the DIY route for this since IKEA is sold out of butcher block till September), a counter top to paint (it's an experiment!), a subway tile backsplash to install, a carpet to lay and an entire house worth of light fixtures to replace. All of that before we move in on Friday.

Time to show you some pictures before I stress myself out too much...
Above you can see some of the progress we've made in the kitchen, hallways, and our master bedroom!

Below you can see the new white entry way, the chalkboard wall busy creating depth in the dining space, and a glimpse of my beautiful mustard feature wall smiling out from behind the future eat counter space!

And lastly, a little glimpse of my plans for lighting. All of the lights are from Lowes, and as you can see, we're going for a kinda industrial, Edison bulb  theme. Nick isn't sold on the semi-flush mounts, but I think they would be really pretty and sophisticated in the main entrance and hallway.

Lots going on, so I hope you can forgive my relative blog silence. If you're interested in other things going on in my life right now (oh that's right, also wedding planning!) you can find the link to my wedding planning blog in the side bar. I don't like the idea of inundating you guys with wedding stuff, but if you're interested I've recently posted about dress shopping!

Needless to say I cannot wait until August rolls around. I plan on doing a lot of nothing and just enjoying our new space!

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