Thursday, July 11

Bedroom (Again)

So, you may recall I've been talking about the illusive bedroom overhaul for awhile. When I started planning to update our bedroom the thought of moving had never entered my mind. A couple months later and here we are planning to move into a new house in the next couple of weeks.

I really want to be deliberate with my decorating in the  new space, and you've already seen my ideas for the living and dining rooms. The good news is we already own almost all the furniture for the living and dining areas (with the exception of some area rugs and lighting) so I feel free to focus my spending on our bedroom.

It was always in my plan to purchase a new bed frame, and originally I also planned to purchase matching dressers to replace  nightstands in our small room.

Here's the original plan. So far I've already purchased the wall mounted lights and the quilted coverlet. 

 Bedroom Makeover
And here's the new plan! Our new room is about twice the size of our old room, and since it's a more neutral pallet with white walls and white blackout blinds, I decided to make some changes with color. I'll finally be able to bring home my beautiful wooden hope chest from my parents place, and we'll be using it as a blanket box at the end of the bed. We'll also be keeping our existing dresser since it fits the space better, and since the existing dresser is a also dark wood we'll probably be going with an all white bed frame to offset the amount of dark wood furniture.


I want to bring some color into the room through a patterned area rug, this one from IKEA compliments our quilt quite nicely. I'm also obsessed with the idea of a valet stand, since Nick tends to throw his dirty clothes on the floor every chance he gets. I figure it's not worth arguing about, and if I give him something to artfully throw his clothes on instead of the floor we'll both be happier. I think we'll be brave and go with the blue valet stand since there's a little blue in the quilt, and it will be easy to spray paint if we get tired of the color!

Getting to change the over head lighting to something more my taste is definitely exciting. I love this 42 inch drum shade from IKEA, I feel like it will disappear in the white room, but provide a soft and sophisticated detail.

I still want some drapes, but haven't decided if I should go white or bring in some color this way.

Things are moving along at the house, we finished a first coat of gray in Nicks man cave, and the hall way is almost complete. Meanwhile, my dad is busy installing a new bathroom vanity, and Sunday we're heading to IKEA to purchase a first round of new furnishings. I'm pulling for this farm house sink.  I'm all about making things more complicated. ;)

The new to do list for the bedroom is as follows :
  •  Purchase new bed frame
  • Purchase end tables
  • Purchase area rug 
  • Purchase valet stand
  • Hang some floaty drapes
  • Replace overhead light fixture
  • Mount wall sconces 
  • Pack up and move all our furniture to the new house!
  • Organize! 
  • Hang some art
  • Put up some invisible book shelves

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