Monday, June 17

Wedding Website

Hey there friends, and new friends! We've had an influx of followers swing by in the last couple days due to the Benefit Cosmetics giveaway over at Maiedae of which I am one of the sponsors. If you want to win some cosmetics you can head over there and enter!

In other news, you will now find a new icon in the right hand sidebar on this blog! Since becoming engaged I have had an increasing desire to blog about wedding stuff, but I'm not interested in making this space a wedding blog. I just figure not all of you are interested in the subject! Which is cool!

From now on I will be blogging at Love Grows Love about all wedding related developments. You might still find references here, or cross posted items, but the bulk of it will be separated that way. If you are a fan of wedding planning or want to keep up for another reason (HI FRIENDS!), please click that shiny little icon in my sidebar and check it out or follow!


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