Thursday, June 13

Seattle In Instagrams Part Two

The day after our eventful trip to Seattle Center was our full day dedicated to Pike Place Market. We stopped at a Starbucks first thing where I was reminded just how amazing a good Cappuccino is (the barista at this Starbucks was really good!) and then we headed down to the market for a 10AM walking tour with Public Market Tours. Emily was our tour guide and she was really sweet, energetic and engaging. We chatted while the rest of the group arrived and then we commenced the tour! We learned a bit and enjoyed getting some of the history and background info. Apparently it can take up to three years for your application to just be read if you want to sell at the Market!

After our tour it was about lunch time and I had a groupon. We ate at Los Agaves Mexican street food and each had the al pastor tacos -- a favorite from our past taco experiences. Afterwards our mouths were a little firey, so we bought some amazing juicy New Zealand pears from the produce vendors for desert. We wandered around while we snacked and then I bought my mother and I some lavender, and we searched for souvenirs for our other family and friends. A bobble head, a cupcake sculpture, some nerdy magnets. We had a lot of time to kill that afternoon so we headed to SAM, the Seattle Art Gallery, since it was Free First Thursday, which is apparently a thing! It was a lazy meandering of art exhibits punctuated by resting on every single bench I could find. My feet were killing me this day!

We spent a few hours playing a card game in a coffee shop to waste time before our next tour, then we headed over to The Chocolate Box! Larry was our tour guide for the Tour De Haut Chocolate and not only was he the friendliest, most engaging man we've met, but he had amazing facial hair. Instant friend. ;) The other employees at the shop were equally awesome and congratulated us on our engagement! We drove around to several chocolate shops and tried seven or eight different hot chocolates. My favorite was a peanut butter hot chocolate from Chocolopolis! Delicious! By the end however I was dangerously close to overdosing on chocolate and Larry kindly returned us to The Chocolate box for a little wine tasting, which was exactly what my palate required. ;)

After our fantastic tour we headed to the Pike Brewing Company for dinner where I had the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.
Our second to last full day was spent at Pioneer Square. We had breakfast/lunch in the cafe and then walked to the square (our blisters have blisters BTW).  We started with the Underground tour which I had done on a previous visit and remembered as being way more fun. Turns out it really depends on your tour guide! Ours wasn't the best. After that we walked around for a little, this was the first day that the weather wasn't absolutely beautiful. There was a breeze, some clouds, and it was threatening to spit on us from above.

Luckily it refrained long enough for us to go on a tour of 'Little Italy'. Luigi was our tour guide and he told us all about Italian culture, how they socialize, do business and recharge their batteries. We tried a kosher beef meatball (soooo good), and some delicious pizza before going for a walk to the other side of pioneer square for affagato. We finished the tour with a trip to Seattles Little Italy -- technically one square block since it has a road on two sides, but in reality only a single building! There we had homemade pasta and the chef showed us how he makes it from scratch.

After our Italy tour we considered waiting around for our last tour of the trip, which would have been a ghost tour at 8:15PM, but in the end we were too tired to wait. We walked back to the hotel and spent the rest of the evening with food network and CSI repeats.

Our very last day was a shopping day. Nick walked me downtown and then left me at Urban Outfitters so I could shop while he returned to Top Pot Doughnuts to read his book. Having found nothing at UO, I headed next door to the largest Anthropologie I've ever seen (yes, I know, twice in one trip!). There I blew the rest of my shopping budget on a dress and beautiful pencil skirt. When my shopping desires were sated we finished the trip with dinner at Far Eats for a second time. This time we tried the coconut lobster, which was good, but couldn't shine a light on our second course -- butter chicken.

Some random food snaps, made to order doughnuts at Lola's, The Pike Place Brewery, and the grilled cheese with bacon jam at Skillet.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel early and took the train back to the airport. We found the only sit down restaurant near our gate which ended up being a mistake. I would not recommend eating at Anthony's fish restaurant! I had fish tacos with kiwi and pineapple salsa, which was actually delicious, but the whole time the service was terrible and since we were sitting right in front of the kitchen we could see the horrendous back up of dishes sitting stagnant in the window! There were food items sitting there for almost the entire time we were there only to go out before we left... gross. Anyway, we ordered a 'rhubarb slump' for dessert 'cause it looked delicious when we saw ten of them pile up in the window, only to have to send it back because it was raw under the crust! Seriously, rhubarb swimming in raw dough. Not as good as it sounds. Despite that unfortunate experience, we laughed, as everywhere else we had eaten in Seattle had been absolutely amazing.

Our flight home just as fast and easy as the first, both times having arrived twenty minutes earlier then predicted. We were really happy with Alaska Airlines.

And that's it! We're home now and getting back to normal. There are some pretty big decisions we're going to have to make right away about our living arrangements, but we're happy to be home with friends and family.

The end! Stay tuned for a few DSLR images coming soon, although they probably won't require a write up. ;p

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