Tuesday, June 25

New Home: First Look

This past weekend we spent our first extended period of time in the new house! First order of business? Painting! One of my favorite features of the house is the huge picture window in the living room. Up until we got there it was robed in some of the nastiest verticals I have ever seen in my life. Mum and Dad took them down for me and already the space seemed bigger and brighter. As you can see the walls are all painted cream and the molding/baseboards/doors are all painted a terrible shade of light brown. I chose to paint all the walls, and baseboards/doors, white.

We managed to get the entire living/dining room painted, as well as two of the bedrooms! Not bad for our first day of work. Next up are the hallways and kitchen, as well as the bathroom and Nicks 'game room' which he has decided to paint grey (we compromised by having him choose the darkest color from the same pallet my white came from).

After that we'll be refinishing all the cabinetry, and switching out all the lights! I absolutely despise 'nipple lights'.

Below are some of the before pics I shot with my phone (I also took some with my DSLR, but unfortunately the dreaded vertical blinds were gone by then), and following that, some ideas for the new space!

In the living room we plan on using mostly existing furniture. The ceiling lamp will actually be in the dining room around the corner, and is from Lowes. I absolutely love it and can't wait to see those nipple lights replaced with Edison bulbs!

The sofa, coffee table trunk, log side table and white chair are all existing furniture we have in our apartment. The Singer Sewing Desk is an antique I have had for years, but up until now it's been living in my parents basement. We'll need to find or make a new top for it (I'm thinking of using this tutorial to DIY a top) and I plan on using it as our record table from now on!

Other then that, the big impact will come from bringing in multiple patterned rugs for layering. I love the look of layered rugs and with our white walls that design element will bring in a lot of color and fun. Also colorful? The books we'll be displaying on our new bookcase! The thing I like about the Expedit is that it can be customized with handy inserts like this glass one, and this mirrored one! I love having the option to display some delicate pieces behind glass because... cat.
Living Room

In the dining area we're going to be painting the back wall with chalkboard paint, and changing out the light fixture. Almost everything for the dining area we have already. I'm planning on using this dresser (which currently functions as our TV stand) as a buffet table. The drawers have never been deep enough to store movies or CD's, but they'll work perfectly for table linens and fancy cutlery! The glass cabinet I want to function as our bar cart. I've always wanted a bar cart, but I imagine with our lifestyle if we actually used a cart all our expensive liquor would end up smashed on the floor. Haha. Pets.
Dining Room
That's the plan for the main living space so far! We'll have to purchase a few things like the IKEA bookcase, and some rugs, but we're well on our way to having a space we can really put our stamp on and feel connected too. I'm pretty excited for all this space will mean in the future! I imagine puppies playing on the floor, Tommy trying to climb the bookcase, and many many friends playing boardgames with us in our new dining room.

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