Wednesday, June 19

Moving On and Out

Before we moved in, and some pics from moving day.
Now that we've officially given our notice things are pretty stressful and hectic around here. I feel like at this point I just want to be in our new space and have all of the moving and renovating behind us. I'm nervous about it, and I know that once we're in my nerves will abate.

At the same time, I feel like I need some time to mourn this space we're in now.

We live in a beautiful apartment that was an absolute gift and blessing to us when we found out we needed to move out, and started looking for something we could afford. The deal we've gotten these last two years has allowed us to save the money for the two wonderful trips we took, and a the ring that I will finally be putting on my hand in two weeks.

The location of our apartment has been perfect for getting around the city without the use of a car, for jetting off to downtown to hang out with the cool people on the weekends, and the occasional weeknight at our favorite downtown spots like Cask and Barrel. We're going to miss the convenience of the train!

Our apartment represents the first big step in our relationship, and it's the place we brought home our first family member -- a little kitten named Tommy who slept in the sink the first two weeks and has spent every subsequent day biting us and loving us in the same pitiful meow. He's something else.

This has been the place we got to decorate, to buy our own sofa and make the difficult decision of choosing a duvet cover. We learned to compromise with each other here, and I learned that compromising with Nick on decor questions is the same thing as completely ignoring him. ;p
It's really stressful, really hard to be leaving, and at the same time I feel like we have the opportunity to really settle in and do wonderful things in this new home. We're going to have to cut the grass for the first time, haha, and I'll have an actual place to garden. I imagine working in the dirt with a puppy playing in the grass next to me! I imagine having friends and family over and not to mention having my own room dedicated to girly things like clothes, shoes, and Lord of the Rings. ;) I'll have a real spot to take photos, not just the middle of my living room. 

I really wish I could just relax and look forward, but I'm anxious and I can't just turn my worry off. What I can do is remember that "Home is Where You Are". It's a banner I've had hanging over my TV for two years now and maybe I should have given it some deeper thought before now. There's renovations to do before we can move, painting, cabinet refinishing, cabinet installing, counter top installing, and endless things to buy -- but for now, I'm trying to remember that we can make a home anywhere just by living in it and being together.

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