Monday, June 24

Brushed Silk: The Everlane Blouse

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, and let me take a moment so you can soak in how awesome this silk blouse is. The much anticipated reveal of my Everlane silk blouse. I knew you must be anxious to see it. ;p As you can probably tell, I'm pretty obsessed with it right now. I took a bunch of close ups so you can see the amazing sheen of the brushed silk! I die!

If you're interested in more about what I think of this blouse you can find my Silk Blouse Review here. 

So far I am loving having some higher quality pieces in my wardrobe, although I do struggle with knowing when to stop buying an enjoy what I have. Haha. Everlane isn't helping given that they've been coming out with a new irresistible product every other week.

 ANYWAY, we had a very busy weekend. This last Saturday we started painting at our new house! I'm going with all white walls (besides a cool chalkboard wall in the dining room and some sort of undetermined bold accent wall in the kitchen. Nick also insisted on using the gray from my color pallet for his man cave, which will seem cave like indeed with all the other rooms being so bright!) and we managed to finish three of the rooms completely! Next step is ordering the brand new white rollershades for all the windows and getting the cabinets painted and the new storage installed. Lots to do before we move in, but I finally feel like we're heading in the right direction.
Joe Fresh jeans, Everlane Silk Blouse, Birkenstock sandals, American Eagle earrings, Mane Message yoga tie (as bracelet)

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