Friday, June 14

Birthday Outfit (24)

One of my favorite pictures ever <3
I wore this outfit on the Saturday before we left for the trip, my 24th birthday (I totally typed 23. Wishful thinking?)!

My parents had just arrived hom from a month long trip to Italy the day before so we met them for dinner at our favorite family restaurant (The Saigon Paradise) on the north end. After dinner we had to head home to finish packing! It was a pretty busy day with the packing and the cleaning and the brief but packed visiting, but it was a good day full of excitment.

I am in love with this top BTW. The grey material is super soft and comfy, and the little peter pan collar is silk. I'm always afraid of getting makeup on it, but it adds such a cute touch to an other wise plain shirt. 

So Nick is supposed to be giving our notice to the land lord as we speak, which means it's about official. We're moving! Part of me is excited, part of me is really stressed, haha, and part of me is going to miss this place -- our first place -- quite a bit. The awesome news is we'll have a lot more space, get to decorate to our hearts content, and we'll have a back yard in which to entertain! Not just good for entertaining, fenced backyards are also great for puppies. ;)

Skirt and bag ASOS, JCrew silk collar T, Payless flats

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