Tuesday, May 14

Tommy the Kitten: Cell Phone Edition

I take a crap tun of pictures of my cat. Many of them with my DSLR. I have loads of artful, adorable pictures of the best quality. However, sometimes there's nothing quite as adorable as the things one catches with a bit of spontaneity. Cell phones do spontaneity well. I've shared some of these before, but they're still just as cute as last time (and there are some new additions as well).

Without further ado: Tommy the Cat, cell phone edition.

He likes to curl up in our dirty laundry or my discarded bath robe. I'm glad someone appreciates my terrible cleanliness.

 Getting too big for his shoe box.

 Look at that face? Haha, this is my favorite.

Anyway, you might be able to tell I'm stalling. It's because I have no other pictures to share. Haha. Still waiting on my camera remote... cats are just as entertaining right?

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