Friday, May 10

Summer in the City

Summer in the City

This summer Nick and I are looking forward to a couple little vacations to make our summer really grand. In Edmonton we aren't blessed with an abundance of great weather, during the summer we have a couple months of truly beautiful days. Mostly, we like to stick around close to home in the summer to enjoy outdoor markets, festivals, and other wonderful things Edmonton has to offer. Last year our favorite thing to do was take a random weekday off work and go swimming at one of the outdoor pools.

This year we've scheduled two week long vacations and we're excited to be taking our first summer trips together! First on the schedule is a week in Seattle to take in all of the delicious food, fabulous shopping, and some of the awesome history of the city. The above outfit is one I would definitely wear on our trip to Seattle! I can picture wearing those adorable, and comfortable shoes to walk up and down the steep city hills, and a pop of color provided by a versatile bag is always right for shopping.

Next on the agenda is a week in Canmore! We've never been to this particular mountain destination before and we're super excited to be taking a trip with another couple and two of our best friends. First is a short road trip with some great stops and then a week spent hiking, lounging, and enjoying the hot springs.

Summer in the Country

It's great to have some getaways to look forward to for the summer, I'm really hoping we can get beck to Mexico this winter as well. ;) In the meantime though, we are so lucky to live in a city that is bustling with entrepreneurship and many many things to do close to home. I love supporting small business owners and there are all kinds of things to enjoy; from hand crafted cheese to carefully chosen olive oils.  We've done the 'staycation' many times and we try to get out to see art exhibits, listen to music, and sometimes there's a lot of joy to be found just in a walk through a sunny, green park.

If you've never been there are also some great river spots outside of Edmonton that can provide you with that feeling of a beach vacation. My favorite is Pembina river -- clear and crisp and beautiful (not green and soupy like many of Albertas lakes..).

I hope everybody is starting to feel as excited as I am for Summer!

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