Wednesday, May 8

Style Inspiration: Clara Oswald

It has been a long time since I did a post on my style inspirations -- not 'cause I didn't love the feature but because I have trouble coming up with characters and people who inspire me who aren't bloggers or friends! I've previously talked about Audrey Horne and Jackie O', two icons of fashion and style who have been around for many years. It's odd that my follow up should be newcomer Jenna Louise Coleman who plays The Dr's newest companion: Clara Oswald.

I was struck  immediately upon seeing the petite actress with how lovely and sweet her appearance is. Despite the fact she probably hits the gym more than I do I felt that her body type was familiar, in fact it was not so different from my own body type. The clothes that she wears I feel I could wear. She gravitates towards some of my favorite pairings -- sweet dresses in figure flattering shapes mixed with edgier accessories. Military jacket and a gauzy midi dress -- a cute polka dotted jumper and a fedora! That plaid pinafore dress? I own one similar.

Not only is the girl adorable, but her wardrobe is too. One of the several reasons I'm adoring the newest companion in one of my favorite shows.

Here's how I would emulate Clara's contrast-y look:
Clara Oswin Oswald

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  1. Love Clara! Her style is awesome. Granted, I love all the companions, and their different styles--but Clara really stands out, doesn't she? I think she and Amy Pond were the most iconic, wardrobe-wise. Both of them worthy companions as well. ;) Personally, there's several of her dresses I'd love to try. Despite the fact I HATE close collars. That has always been something that has stayed with me--my hatred for close collars. I remember staring at these horrible turtlenecks that my mom would make me wear for pictures, and wishes they'd just spontaneously go up in flames. ;)


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