Wednesday, May 29

Puppy Love

Friends of ours have the cutest puppy, a schnauzer, terrier cross, who is giving me some serious puppy fever lately (don't tell Tommy, deal?).  Some of you have probably seen his picture on my instagram! All this little guy wants is to be chased and chased and chased. If you throw a toy for him he'll run and get it then bring it back and refuse to return it to you until you chase him and wrest it away.

I've always found Tommy, and the way he wants to be around people, to be endearing. Toby is the same way. We're playing board games and he just wants to sit on someones foot and be close you. It's special.

Of course after all the chasing, he falls asleep.

Nick has always been a dog lover but growing up I never had any experiences with dogs, we always had cats, and I don't remember spending much time with friends dogs either. It'll be a few years before we can commit to a dog, but I'm having a lot of fun now learning about training, and how to play with and cuddle puppies!

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