Thursday, May 16

My Birthday Wishlist

Well, it's that time of year again. Summer is just around the corner, and that means my birthday!
I am extremely immature when it comes to my birthday (totally allowed one day a year right?). I like to get a big group of people together and barbeque in the backyard (a pinata is essential to a successful birthday barbeque), or maybe take a big group to the Zoo to do things like paddle boating and riding the kiddie train! My eighteenth birthday even included a roaring session of pin the tail on the donkey. This is serious business here.

Of course the other great thing about birthdays is you get presents (amirite?) and although I certainly don't expect people to buy me things I always put together a birthday wishlist for my significant other, parents and sister. Just in case they need some inspiration. The person who usually ends up buying the wishlisted items is, well, me. Because I long since learned the best birthday gifts come from yourself (amirite?). Unfortunately this year I've overshopped all April and May so I'm choosing to consider my birthday present to myself already bought. While my wallet recuperates I'll be thinking about these pretties:

My Birthday Wishlist

This year I'm dreamin' hard about this Cambridge Satchel in coral. It's gorgeous, versatile and should probably last for forever. I feel like all my outfits would instantly appear more sophisticated. This is the problem with marketing.

I'm definitely on the search for a few summery dresses, something red is a must. The floral dress here is from Target and I cannot explain how excited I am to make it to the newly opened Target Canada locations. Of course I'm a little afraid I'll leave heart broken from disappointment (Americans really talk you up Target!). Until I go, I'm thinking positive!

The wall mounted record player is one I've been wanting for ages! It doesn't have the vintage charm of some record players, but I absolutely have no horizontal space. What I do have is vertical space, making this the perfect compromise.

I am really loving hanging planters -- it's the perfect solution for me and my gets-into-everything cat. Plus, those copper hangers are super cool right?

Shoes. Of course I want shoes. This year I'm thinking practical footwear, comfortable and walkable are best.

And lastly, I'm still digging the overall (I mean dungaree... sounds cooler?) trend. BUT I'm too chicken to pay for them with own money. LOL. I'll probably give in at some point.

Not on the list, but on my mind:
  • I've decided I want a new phone and am thinking the Nexus 4. It looks perfect for me. 
  • Kinda along the same path, I would like a Nexus 10 as well please. Thank you (It's a tablet, and I figure my tablet might as well match my phone, right?). 
  • I still haven't purchased myself an Instax mini camera. This is extremely hard for even myself to believe, giving that it's been on my wishlist for years!
And that's the long and short of it. Mostly long as it turns out...I'm very passionate about buying me things. ;)

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