Thursday, May 30

Dots and More Dots

Target dress number 2, I couldn't resist this polka dot beauty! I have another dress that's very similar (both in pattern and shape) so I knew I liked the silhouette, and it's a very versatile style that's good for layering, but this one is a tad longer and thus more appropriate sans leggings.

I'm also a little in love with navy and white polka dots right now. The shoes were on my birthday wishlist and when I saw them recently while walking through The Bay, I knew I had to get them. Lucky for me they were on clearance. Unlucky for me -- they didn't have my size! Lucky again, the size smaller seemed to fit fine. The goal is to break them in by the time we leave for Seattle so I can bring them on the trip.

This is likely an outfit I will be replicating in Seattle -- it's super comfy and I think it's pretty cute. If you've been around for awhile you probably recall mixing polka dots with more polka dots is not something I shy away from. ;)

Dress, Target / Keds, The Bay / Blazer, GAP / Necklace, ASOS

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