Friday, May 24

Chambray Jacket

I wore this outfit on the weekend, cool and casual I always say. Or at least I do on the weekend.

The chambray is a new piece I finally purchased from Madewell (after eying it up like a kitty in a birdhouse factory) for a looong time. Let me tell you, it is not only incredibly comfortable and soft, it makes a great layering piece. I've been wearing it with everything; over dresses, over tops, with long skirts, with short, as a jacket, as a cardigan -- it's the best. I was really nervous it would be too small but it's actually perfect.

Please excuse my blindingly white legs BTW, I swear they don't seem quite so ghostly in person. ;p

I'm soo soo excited to get outside lately and frolic through the flowers, or what have you. We're finally getting our cherry blossoms and lilac blossoms and all the other kinds of pretty blossoms and everywhere I go I want to take my camera. All of summer is great, serious, I love it, but this time of year is particularly wonderful. It's such a short season of beauty that gives way to a whole new ecosystem of life! All those pretty flowers serve an actual purpose in the reproduction of nature and it makes me absolutely giddy.

This weekend we're planning on spending time with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and I'm even planning on breaking out the paints and doing some art work. I haven't painted anything in ages, but if you remember my home tour the nighttime nature scene on canvas in pictures 5, 7 and 8 is one of mine from high school! 

Hopefully we aren't rained out all weekend, these ghostly legs are begging for some sun.

H&M dress, Madewell chambray shirt, ASOS belt, Modcloth Birkenstocks

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