Wednesday, May 15

Casual Summer Style

I wore this outfit last week on one of our first slightly warm days. Haha. These jeans are the perfect staple for this in between weather we've been having -- chilly harsh winds and sunny warm skies. Plus, something about spring screams casual rolled jeans to me. Am I crazy? Probably not.

The blouse came in the mail recently and was an impulse purchase from A-Thread Apparel. Although I love the pattern and the shape of the blouse I find the neck slit to be way too low! Haha, I paired it with this little cardigan out of necessity because it helped hold my shirt up. I think a few well placed stitches will solve this problem. ;)

This is also the premier of my new Birkenstocks! Boy do I love them. They fulfill precisely what I desired of them. They don't flip and flop, they're comfortable and offer lots of support. I've been wearing them pretty much non stop, both because they seem to go with everything and because I'm trying to really break them in. So far my big toe and it's closest neighbor aren't quite sure what to make of something being wedged between them all the time (I'm not usually a wearer of flip flops!).

After I took these photos I took a look at them and went "time to paint your toe nails Kaitlyn", since then I've painted them a light green and they look much much nicer then here. Haha.

ASOS boyfriend jeans, Modcloth Birkenstocks, A-Thread blouse, Smart Set cardigan

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