Friday, May 31

Bedroom Makeover Update

Today, in a special edition of Tommy The Kitten, and Bedroom Redo, my amazing new quilt from Etsy artist Gypsya came in the mail last week and it is beyond gorgeous. I absolutely love the life that it brings into my room, and the artistry! I am so so glad I chose to go with the beige background since it almost matches the color of the walls and ensures the many other colors really shine. Also, it's the perfect weight to replace the comforter for spring and summer, very light, but comforting. In the winter it will add just a little extra warmth to our duvet. I'm thrilled and even the floral hating boy admits it's quite lovely.

Tommy definitely approves.

So, if you're wondering where project bedroom makeover stands, here it is:

So far:

  • Purchase duvet cover.
  • Move the bed to the longer wall to accommodate dressers. 
  • Purchased two of these gorgeous wall sconces to hang on either side of the bed (task lighting for the win! Finally!) 
  • Clean up the floor and organize our existing dresser so our clothes all have homes. We also filled up four garbage bags of clothes and took them to Goodwill.  
  • Purchase one of the gorgeous Gypsya coverlets.
  • Buy some fabric to hang behind the bed as a headboard. I already have a tapestry hanger lined up. It's rustic wood so it will look great with the lamps.
  • Purchase new dressers from IKEA.
  • Once the dressers are in place I can finally hang the light fixtures on either side of the bed! I've been waiting to do this so I 
  • And the matching bed with under-bed storage!
  • Purchase some drapes. I'm planning on hanging some plain white drapes using a thin curtain rod and command strips so we don't have to put holes in the wall. As a renter, I consider command strips to be next to godliness.
  • Buy some black and white accents to add some graphic pattern and interest to the room. 
  • Buy a small shelving unit for the corner by the window.
Things are taking a looong time so far, and will probably take longer still since the  next steps involve dropping some money at IKEA and with the trip to Seattle, we're feeling pretty broke. I'm thinking we might go with cheaper dressers that I can paint and add knobs to instead of bucking out for my dream dressers. Perhaps one day. The new bed frame will probably have to wait until next year!

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