Monday, May 27

A Tavern and A Cavern

I teased  you a little while ago with a story about an amazing day full of delicious food and the promise of pictures to come. While, here they are!

I'm talking about a few weekends past when we spent a Saturday downtown. We began our feast at the Mercer Tavern and it was the first time we had been there for a real meal (Nick and I had visited once before for brunch, but hadn't tried their regular menu). Let me tell you, its amazing. Not only is the decor super awesome and industrial, but the food is stunning. The first picture in this post is Nick's dinner, fish and chips. Except the chips are duck fat fries. Ohmygoodness, were they ever delicious. You can really taste the difference.

I wasn't quite as famished as the boys so I started by indulging in one of my favorite cocktails:
The dark and stormy is a mix of ginger beer and rum, and it's delicious. I have a thing for ginger anything, ginger soda, ginger beer, pickled ginger, candied ginger and just straight up ginger. I keep one knob of ginger in my freezer for grating into stuff, and one in my fridge for mincing into stuff. That's how much I love ginger.

Now, imagine my surprise and glee when I see they have corn fritters on their menu. When I was a kid my family would go on picnics and pick up corn fritters from KFC to eat in the grass by Beaumaris lake (one of the largest man made lakes, and certainly the nicest one in North Edmonton). KFC inexplicably stopped selling corn fritters after awhile, but I've always held dear the memory of corn fritters and jam eaten lake side. Well, I'm happy to report that the Mercer Tavern is serving up some delicious fritters and jam to rival my childhood memories. I kept forcing them on Nick and saying "TASTE MY CHILDHOOD".

After my fritters I had a quinoa salad and it was amazing as well, those are apricots on top! It was fruity and nutty and delicious. Definitely my favorite salad of its kind.

 Also? Mercer Tavern has a trunk full of board games available to customers and all you need do is ask and they will bring you one. We definitely played scrabble. It was a good time.
To finish off our feast we left Mercer, and headed up the street to Cavern to indulge in one of their chocolate and cheese pairings. This one was a blue cheese with a light toffee chocolate and a drizzle of honey. Boy, that was strong blue cheese. It was definitely not my favorite dessert pairing of theirs, but it was still delicious and we do want to try every single one!

And there you have it. I would suggest immediately visiting these two lovely places and supporting, not only local businesses, but great businesses. We were really really impressed.

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