Tuesday, April 9

Spring Purchases


I've been enjoying a recent pay increase at work by buying expensive clothes. What can I say. Having enough money to live my dream of buying quality, long wearing pieces made of silk and chambray and leather is finally coming true. Now, pacing myself, that's a bigger issue.

I've been on a clothes buying freeze for awhile and it's no wonder the dam finally broke. I tend to go crazy at the beginning of each new season, Spring, Fall, Winter, I'm buying a new wardrobe. This year I really beefed up my winter wardrobe with sweaters galore and some quality boots, so I'm hoping I don't need to buy as much when the next season of snow comes around! That being said, time to fill my closet with spring.

I splurged on a Madewell Chambray I've been wanting for ages, and a beautiful silk blouse in Lilac (damn, it's gonna look fine with my hair color!). I went a little mad on ASOS.com and bought this adorable cat print snood, a striped top, bunting necklace, and French Connection peasant dress.The necklace and striped top just arrived tomorrow and I'm wearing them both today, haha, the sign of a successful purchase. The top is the absolute perfect combination of slinky-ness, comfort and cute. I would highly recommend! The necklace I'm also loving, it's got silver, gold and rose gold pennants and I've always been a fan of mixing metals.

Finally, I beefed up my summer footwear situation with a beautiful pair of Birkenstock thongs from Modcloth. When I was in university I had a pair of sports flip flops that were super comfy, didn't make a flip flopping noise, and I basically wore them with everything. Also, everywhere. I wore them all around Europe my first trip abroad, and then I wore them right out. I actually kept them in my closet for years after they broke because I wanted to find a pair just like them. Anyway, I never was able to find a pair of flip flops that versatile, comfortable, and sporty. I'm hoping these will finally fill that sport sandal shaped void. Plus, extra points for cuteness and the fact they'll look way better with dresses then my old ones.

That's it! I'm hoping I can keep my debit card firmly in my wallet for the rest of this season, but I'm still hankering for a few new dresses and skirts. Also, I pledged a couple hundred dollars to Everlane during their Crowd Fund Canada program, and now that they're officially shipping up North, everything is out of stock! Serious, I'm on the wait list for about four different items. I can't wait to purchase some of their silk blouses and versatile leather belts.Oh, and I just might buy a pair of dungarees (yes, I know they're just overalls) from ASOS later this month. They have so many cute designs! Not sure if I could pull them off... but willing to try!

PHEW, what are you loving/spending money on for spring?

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