Wednesday, April 3

March Instagram Recap

March went by so quickly! It seems like time is just flying by right now. Maybe it's because I'm willing it to be summer and the universe is responding. Possible? Maybe.

This last month I did a lot of things to keep myself busy, that's the most probable explanation. I did a lot of baking and cooking at home (you've probably noticed what with all the 'cooking triumph' posts lately.) Remember my lemon ricotta pancakes? I also made a ton of cookies and got fancy with some of my breakfasts.

March has also been the month of spring cleaning. I got the itch to decorate our bedroom (can't say re-decorate unless it's been through the process before...). Below you'll find the two of the three bags of clothes we donated and some of the art we've finally put up in the bedroom. It makes such a big difference to wake-up and see all of these inspirational quotes first thing, rather then a bare empty space. I've hung all our pictures with washi tape, and surrounded some of them in 'washi tape frames' to make the wall a little more colorful. If you look closely at my gallery arrangement you'll see one straight piece of tape along the bottom -- that's our Tommy buffer. Haha, he jumps from the floor to that line and tries to peel it off. He's succeeding.

Some snaps from Easter weekend. Mum's flower arrangement lit by a single beam of sunlight, some more of that sun coming through the front door, and Tommy sitting pretty in bed with us on Sunday morning (you already know how much I love Sunday mornings).

And some of the deliciousness we've consumed this month. A maple bacon latte from Roast Coffeehouse (Nick goes for hot chocolate because he's twelve years old), and some of the best wine I've had in awhile polished off with family at Easter dinner.

If you would like to see any of these pics full sized, you can find them here or in my side bar.

I don't know about you guys, but I am SO looking forward to what April has in store. Rain, shine, melting snow, some green grass poking through, it's gonna be great. ;)

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