Thursday, April 4

I Wish: April

If things were a little drier, a little warmer I might be strolling down some avenue peering into windows and trying to decide if I have money left over to spend on some flowers for the apartment (hint, I would). Wouldn't this outfit be perfected by a bouquet of flowers draped over an arm? I think so.

April is a month for mixing feminine and masculine pieces, for investing in beautiful leather bags (I wish), and wearing the heck out of chambray. April is for layering medium weight fabrics but still wearing sandals to show off your pretty spring pedicure (I wish).

April is for visiting the farmers market and loading up on organic vegetables and preserves, and for indulging in a bacon latte before yoga class.

April is for spring blossoms (I wish!), green grass, and warm breezes.

And this is what I wish I was wearing:


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