Wednesday, April 24

Everlane - First Purchase is In!

You remember when I told you about the company Everlane and their Crowd Fund campaign to bring shipping to Canada? Well I pledged money to it myself, and was thrilled when they succeeded in raising their goal. Of course immediately after Canadian shipping went live they sold out of their silk shirts! Hello, main item I wanted to purchase! Anyway, as of today the wait is over and their silk shirts are back in stock. I snatched up the silk shirt in blue with rounded collar. Totes excited. I also nabbed a mustard sweater and leather belt for me, and a V-neck shirt for Mr. Nick. I'm pretty tempted to pick up one of the silk shirts in green as well, and their new nude shade looks lovely. I'm going to wait though, and see how it fits me! Can't wait to see what's next for this brand dedicated to quality.


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