Monday, April 8

Easter Outfit

My long over due Easter post, haha, sorry for the slow week, I should be back up to the usual schedule going forward.

I wore this outfit on Good Friday for the Easter brunch and 'theater' at our church. The dress is a Jcrew number which I find a little ill-fitting, but beautifully made. It even has little clips in the straps which are there to keep your bra-straps in place. Genius? Absolutely. It's also made from some kind of amazing textured fabric which is perfect for summer. I don't want to fiddle around with sewing it myself, so I might take it to be tailored, but the arm holes are a little too big for me and I'm left with a little gaping. Hence the layering you see here, I used my trusty flutter sleeve top underneath to add some contrast and coverage.

We had a lovely weekend BTW, it was the perfect mix of relaxing and doing nothing, and getting out and doing something. Haha, you know? I'm the kinda person who enjoys spending the day in PJ's playing video games IF I get to go out that evening, but I'll get depressed and stir crazy if I then return to bed twelve hours later in the same PJ's without having gotten dressed, had some fresh air, etc.

Saturday we hung out at home in PJ's until around four when we headed out to meet Nick's family for dinner at Famoso, and then took them to see Jurassic Park in 3D! What an awesome opportunity right? If you're wondering if  you should bother going I would say, if you liked the movie or have never seen it definitely go! I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that the movie is twenty years old and still looks that damned good, timeless I tell  you.

Anyway, yesterday we had another lazy morning and afternoon and then got our grocery shopping done, and went over to a friends house for hot tub and board games.

The perfect balance.

Tonight we catch up with Game of Thrones on VOD! Can't wait!

Dress JCrew, necklace Anthropologie, layering top Smart Set, belt H&M, wellies Beyond the Rack

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