Thursday, April 11

Baby Blues

I wore this outfit last weekend for pizza eating and movie seeing. It was a gloriously warm spring day that mocked us with a late evening snow fall. Despite that, I felt pretty springy in this stripes and polka-dots combination. The skirt is super light weight, so I warmed up with fleece lined leggings and tall boots. I love wearing tall boots with longer skirts.

This weekend Nick is playing another show with his band, Young Progression, and Saturday looks like he'll be away playing RPG's all day so I may check out the Make it Craft Show at the Enjoy Center with my fam. Hopefully we'll make it out to our local pub at some point as well! 

Next week I'm hoping for jean jacket wearing weather (I just received my Stay at Home Club patch and I can't wait to wear it out!), fresh air walking weather, and a little more down time so I can finally make it back to yoga.... weather?

JCrew belt, ASOS skirt (modified from dress), GAP chambray, H&M fleece lined tights.

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