Friday, April 26

April Instagram Recap

Well April is inexplicably almost at an end and it's been a bit of a weird, lazy month over here. The month began with us hitting up our favorite restaurants and seeing Jurassic Park in 3D (which was awesome BTW!).

Nick got to play with The Young Progression, a new and promising band despite being plagued with all the normal ego induced fights and drama a new band deals with (that's been a little stressful. Luckily Nick just loves playing and is grateful no matter what that he gets the opportunity to slap da bass again after a couple years of it gathering dust).

We got to hang out with some good friends, I got some awesome new things in the mail including a beautiful dress and matching lamps for our bedroom, and then I got sick. Blah.

It hit me pretty hard and things still aren't back to normal. THUS all the bed and cat photos up there. Not to mention the weather has been far from spring-y here. Snow, storms, snow storms, wind and cold. At least my new lilac sheets looks springy with my green striped duvet. Small pleasures.

May is looking like it will be an interesting time, the weather is finally clearing up and my parents are off to Europe for the entire month! We'll be making a few trips over to their place to see the cat and make sure she's getting all her insulin shots (yes my parents cat is a diabetic. Poor Missy!).

Nick and I are knee deep in travel plans for our June trip (I never had to take the lead on travel planning when I went to Europe with a girl friend. It's a new experience and a stressful one!), and things at work are picking up right before everything shuts down for the summer.

I'm thankful for the extra money in my pocket from my raise enabling me to buy new, pretty things for my home and my wardrobe and plan this trip. I'm thankful for Nick, who takes care of me when I need it and always makes me laugh, and I'm soo soo thankful for my Mummy who came to my rescue the last two weeks and did everything from a load of laundry to some grocery shopping. She's a life saver for this sickie!

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