Monday, March 4

Time for Tea

 New hair alert! After three boxes of dye I finally have my hair looking decent and am ready to premier the new, red-er me. I've wanted red hair since I was a kid and started dying my hair "golden brown" when I was a teenager. Nick's always encouraged me to try this kind of real deep red, and I finally decided to do it thanks to that nagging need for change. I'm not 100% in love with it yet, there's still some patchy-ness going on, but I think when I finally visit the salon I'll get the colour evened out and maybe some highlights added to break it up.

Anyway, I bought these jeans and top from ASOS a few weeks ago as my once a month spending splurge (better for my bank then a daily shopping trip, trust me.) I've been eying these boyfriend jeans for probably over a year now and decided to take the plunge. I've never ordered pants online  so I was pretty nervous. Thankfully, they fit perfect! They're also super comfy, man, for serious. Not a look I'll be wearing to work any time soon, but perfect for the weekend! :)

Shirt, jeans and hat ASOS, H&M belt and booties

How was your weekend? We spent it with family and a Star Wars (originals only thanx) marathon. Life is good.

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