Thursday, March 28


New Hur! Turns out the only way to cover dark red is to use dark dark brown. Haha, I've never had really dark hair before so when I got out of the salon Nick said to me, "Whoa, who are you and what did they do with Kait?" my response was, "I'm Snow White!". Haha, it's really different but it feels a lot more like me! Katy, my wonderful friend and stylist at Kick Hair and Beauty, used three different shades of brown to cover the blotchy red and then hand painted on some red highlights to give my hair a "sunkissed glow". She also gave me a fantastic cut to get my hair healthy, and even a beautiful twist out that lasted three days. Gurl is talented. If you're a curly girl in Edmonton I can't recommend Katy enough!

ANYWAY, enough gushing, I'm also obsessed with this embroidered sweater. Can we gush about that for awhile? I picked it up from Zara the same day as my hair appointment and it's the perfect antidote to my sweater obsession now that spring is apparently here or something. Short sleeves! Awesome embellishment! I picked up the necklace at the Mercer Collective when we went, the artist is Karma Victoria and low and behold she also has an etsy shop. I probably wouldn't have bought the necklace online because it was kinda pricey, but seeing it right there and having cash in my pocket caused me to splurge.

Karma Victoria Necklace , Zara embroidered sweater, Simons jeggings, ASOS heels
I won't be around much until Monday, so have a great Easter weekend my friends!

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