Thursday, March 14

Spring Wishes

Well, I've been in a shopping mood lately. That doesn't mean I've bought anything yet (going to the mall tonight, haha, bad idea), but I have some items I'm pondering very seriously.

Spring Wishlist 2

1. This artfully embroidered romper looks like the perfect thing to wear to the Folk Festival this year. If we manage to get tickets.
2. I've been looking for a long sleeved, striped bodycon dress for awhile. It's Elsie's fault (from blog A Beautiful Mess). 
3. I've been lusting after one of Madewells gorgeous chambray shirts for awhile, they're perfect for spring (and every other season). 
4. Speaking of chambray, ASOS is kicking it up a notch with this polka dot, open back chambray shift dress. HOLA BEAUTIFUL. 
4. The white lace maxi dress is whispering to me "I'll look amazing in photos". 
5. This ASOS purse looks almost exactly like a Kelly Moore camera bag I have my eye on, which got me thinking, I could fake it with this as a shell and a camera bag insert. Smart cookie I am. 
6. I have some credit at Modcloth I need to spend and despite all of the amazing frilly dresses the practical side side of me might win out with these comfy looking Birkenstock sandals. I currently do not own a single pair of flip flops and while in Mexico I almost ruined my pedicure putting my toes back in my zip up sandals, haha.That doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy some cheap flip flops though, no, I must have these. Because.

Of course I'm prohibited from buying all of these items due to the fact I'm in the middle of a spending splurge decorating our bedroom. Something about the new season made me want to tidy up, re-arrange furniture and slap some art on the walls. With that done I'm in the market for a beautiful quilt, some wall sconces, and some kind of headboard. SO, I may have to limit myself to one clothing purchase from the above list. Opinions? ;p

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