Thursday, March 7

March Wishlist

Here I am with Spring around the corner and I'm just a little ashamed to say I'm still dreaming of sweaters. See this heart print sweater? Ya. I want it. However I have sworn off of sweater buying due to my mid-winter sweater buying binge. I'm not sad I did it.

Spring Wishlist 1
Anyway, I'm also craving a new chambray shirt (of nice, high quality like this one from MadeWell), some kick ass spring boots, and a new pair of pants. Not saying which kind, the obvious ones for this outfit would be coated black skinnies. Maybe that's the boots influence.

I'm actually digging jersey trousers for spring, ASOS has a lot of nice ones (also, apparently overalls are back this spring. I'm a little excited about these polka dot ones).

Anyway, what else is on my shopping list for spring? Some new makeup. I'm one of those people who saves and uses the same makeup since she was 15. Serious. Some of the makeup in my drawer is even hand-me-down makeup from my mother. Time to throw everything away and start fresh (that's what spring is for!).

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