Monday, March 11

Happy Monday

Sometimes, even if you're not feeling it, it's good to say Happy Monday.

Let's be real, getting up in the morning on a Monday after having three days in a row off work (yep, I even had a long weekend) you find yourself unable to properly wake up and no amount of coffee seems to help. In fact, you may also find that you didn't sleep well, and your body is still achy from your lone weekend workout. It might suck a little when the alarm goes off and the cat wants in and you have to get out of bed and open the door before he breaks it down so he can commence with the morning cuddles.

And the bed is warm and the room is too warm and you have to pee so you get out of bed and wince when you turn on the light and you stare at yourself in the mirror like -- do I really look like that? And you go to work and you sit at the computer and you're like, serious universe, why me?

But it can all be turned around with two words -- happy Monday. It doesn't need to be Friday to enjoy the afternoon, it doesn't have to be a Saturday night to go out and have fun --  sometimes all you need to do to change your own mind is say those two words and decide to take on a sunnier outlook and enjoy every day of the week.

SheInside sweater, Joe Fresh jeans, Shoe Warehouse boots
In other news, I cleaned our bedroom yesterday after saying for many many months that I was going to do it. Well I did it. And I moved our bed and I got rid of my too small denim collection (I'm never going to make a denim quilt who am I kidding?), and I got rid of bags and boxes and garbage and I have plans to continue cleaning out my drawers and throwing stuff away/donating it. It felt really good. Unfortunately my bad sleep last night was due to the strange effects of moving my bed to a different wall. It seriously felt like sleeping in a hotel. Weird right?

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