Tuesday, March 12

Crowd Fund Canada

Since the launch of the website, I've been closely following the online retailer Everlane with the hopes that one day they would extend shipping to us Canadians. They started with these beautifully simple cotton T's and expanded to cashmere and slouchy cardigans and silk blouses. They tackled simplified accessories like versatile belts and the perfect weekender. Then they did an awesome thing and created some key pieces for men as well. Everlane has cut out the middle man when it comes to retail, they sell only online to save costumers money. Everything is beautifully designed and they inspect all their factories for workplace standards.

Now, they're running a kickstarter campaign to gauge interest and decide whether or not they should come to Canada! Every pledge tier comes with an equal or greater retail value, so if you donate $200 you'll not only get $200 to spend at the store, but also free shipping to Canada for life! That's pretty cool right?

I've collected a few of my favorite pieces from the site, and I encourage you Canadian ladies and gents to head over to their page and pledge some dolla's to help bring this awesome retailer to our awesome country.
Ladies elbow patch cashmere jumper, men's button down, ladies silk blouse, ladies boyfriend button down, mens bow tie and tie, and the weekender bag.

PS. Unfortunately no one paid me to say these nice things, so you know I must really mean it. ;)

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